Vero Beach Museum of Art expansion is more than just space

VERO BEACH -- Lucinda H. Gedeon, Ph.D., executive director/CEO of the Vero Beach Museum of Art, and Peter M. Thompson, chairman of the board of the Vero Beach Museum of Art, are pleased to inform the community about the expansion that is currently taking place at the museum.

The expansion is the first phase of the museum's long-range strategic plan, focusing on its critical mission-based needs as well as ensuring that the facility meets the professional standards upheld by the American Association of Museums by which it is accredited.

Several aspects of the expansion project are directly related to the challenges of keeping its growing art collection safe, and its ability to borrow major works of art from museums around the country and the world. For example, the museum is located on a flood plain and presently sits just 8 feet above sea level.

Also, the museum's climate control system needed to be improved to ensure that temperature and humidity controls are in place to protect and preserve its collection, as well as works of art on loan to the institution.

The other challenge being addressed is the museum's current lack of a covered and climate-controlled loading dock to ensure the safety of art works arriving and departing the facility.

Time/Date: 02/07/12